Want to Regain Control?

I know you don’t feel like you have control.

Many of you have voiced how stressed you are due to the unknown and constant set of changes happening in your life and the world around you.

Several of you have lost your jobs (me included), some of you are homeschooling your children, some of you are working from home. All of this is happening while you carry the weight of stocking your home with materials and entertaining your family non stop. This all sounds like a nightmare turned reality.

I promise there is hope. There is hope because there are parts of your life you can take back! I did this just this morning and I am already feeling a better sense of control and organized process of thinking.

Start by making a list of all the things you feel like are on your plate. Literally everything. From doing the dishes, feeding your children, feeding yourself, filing for unemployment, applying to jobs, doing the laundry… all the things!

Now, take a look at the list and begin prioritizing this list from the most important to the least important. You can even further this process of placing items in a daily list versus the items that you need to get done for the week. 

By organizing this list you are able to visually organize your thoughts allow your brain to focus on the right things.  

Finally, choose one goal you would like to accomplish by the end of your day.

Take a look at this image below for a visual in how I organized my thoughts. You do not have to use my process if something works better for you.

Take back control

The main takeaways…

  • Physically brain dumping and prioritizing your thoughts gives you the edge up on your mental game and puts you back in control.
  • Makes your overwhelming to-do list in your brain manageable. (bite size pieces)
  • Allows your brain to focus on the important things in your life. (ex: family-health)
  • Provides you the mental capacity to process stressful situations. (ex: COVID-19)

We may not have control over what the government decides and mandates during this time. We do not have control how the media presents information.

But, what we can control, is how we respond and manage our day. You are not alone. We are in this together!

Since we are in this together, tell me… Do you have your own method for organizing the long list in your brain? Tell me how you do it?

Stay safe.

life stamp watermark


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