Branding is More Than Your Logo

How many of you are thinking about changing up your personal business?

How many of you are wondering where to start a business?

Sometimes we get tunnel vision in the beginning of building a business or brand because we are focused on the creation of our logo and website. 

I’m here to remind you that you are more than your logo.

Yes, I think your name and logo are important when thinking about your business and the message you want to portray. However, I believe it is only a small part of your business’s brand.

Until your brand has a tangible influence for an audience to relate to, a name and logo are simply just a name and logo. So, how do you make your name and logo to have a bigger influence?

You build a personal brand!

Building a personal brand is part of making sure your business has a bigger influence and is relatable. When someone is able to relate to your business, you begin creating equity and trust which allows your audience to transition into being clients.

The saying, “build it and they will come,” only works when you have spent time building relationships with your audience in association to building your brand. The process of building a brand is not done overnight!

Also, building a website is not the only part of building a brand. Yes, it is important for your visual branding. Is it the only thing you should build? No.

Building a personal brand takes time and consistency. However, since the coronavirus pandemic has hit our world, many of you have a lot of extra time on your hands. I believe many of you are sitting on amazing ideas and can begin showing up in your social media platforms and connecting with your followers. 

Right now, people need human connection more than ever. People need to know they are not alone. Human beings are naturally a social being. Even all the introverts in the world need some socializing in their lives. There are ways you can do this even during this social distancing time.

  1. Start showing up on your social media platforms.

If you are wondering what you should be putting out into the social media world, I would suggest trying to stay positive yet transparent. If you are having a rough day, I can almost guarantee some of your followers are having a hard day. If you openly discuss these struggles and provide content on how you are processing your hard day, you end up connecting with those who are also struggling. You have now provided a message of hope to your audience that they are not alone! They can also join you in the efforts of processing the current craziness. 

Your messaging is always a part of your personal brand. Right now, I want my audience to feel seen, welcomed and find value in what I am putting out into the world. By doing this consistently, a strong relationship is being built with your audience.

2. Ask your audience questions.

I recently took a break from social media and creating content. When the pandemic of the coronavirus hit, I came back to my Instagram stories to ask how my followers were doing. The majority of my followers are feeling high levels of stress, anxiety and wondering how they are going to stay sane. Between having to home school their children, social distancing from their friends and many of them being laid off or now working from home full time, everyone’s schedule and home life has changed.

3. Create content based on what your audience tells you.

Now that I am coming back to the media world and creating content, I know my messaging and content will be based on the needs of my audience with a personal brand spin. All of this comes into play when I show up online and how my messaging is able to provide value. I am thinking of my followers the entire time I am creating a message through visual and written content.

I believe these three things are important for you to keep in mind when growing your personal brand. These three things can help you not get tunnel vision.

How important do you find your presence in social media? 

For more information on building your personal brand, reach out to me here!

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