Camera Shy?

“I am so comfortable in front of the camera!” -said no one

Having your picture taken can be nerve wracking sometimes. Doing a selfie or selfie video for content can be stressful. We over analyze and become camera shy.

These are some of the tips I tell my personal brand clients when they tell me how nervous or self-conscience they are before their first session.

  1. Smile

There are scientific studies showing we can change the way we feel by turning our frown upside down. It can actually boost our own happiness when we smile.

Smiling is also more contagious than the flu! Smiling can cause us to be more relatable and seen as trustworthy! It reduces blood pressure and to top it all off, it’s easier to do than frowning.

It if is the easiest first step in feeling happiness, why not try it out?

2. You are not alone

I promise, you are in good company! I have never had a first time personal brand client say, “I just LOVE getting my picture taken.”

However, I have several clients who will tell you, it’s not as bad as they thought it was going to be. Sometimes we tend to catastrophize a situation and consider ourselves out of the game before it even starts.

All of us deserve to be photographed… documented… remembered!

3. Be Yourself

If you are trying to be someone else during your photo/video session, you lose the level of authenticity I mentioned in a previous post. You need real authenticity for your ideal client to reveal themselves among your following. Your audience will not be able to ultimately relate to you unless you show them who you actually are as a person.

4. Be Comfy

Wear something you feel good and comfortable in. If you don’t feel good in anything, talk with a stylist or your personal brand photographer. They have had lots of experience in helping clients pick out outfits. Try on your outfit and walk around, sit down, stand up, do a little dance. 😉

This will help you know if you will be messing with an item of clothing to much during your session.

5. Play Pretend

Do you remember playing pretend as a kid? May be you pretended to be a pirate looking for treasure. Maybe you were the princess at the top of the tower waiting for your prince. You might have been the kid who pretended to be their teacher from school.

Channel your inner child and play pretend!  Pretend you are a fashion model who is very comfortable in front of the camera. Pretend you are movie star documenting content for an upcoming movie.

You are important and your audience wants to see you!

You’ve got this!

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