Quit Faking It

I had an interesting conversation with someone recently about authenticity vs. vulnerability.

She explained how she does not like the word vulnerability because she has seen more and more people successfully create a fake vulnerability. I am sure you can think of a brand or influencer that has caused you to wonder the genuineness of their intentions.

We spent the next little bit of time discussing how our intentions really can shape how someone perceives us as being authentic and genuine. We also discussed how there are going to be others who have picked up on the delivery of “fake vulnerability” just like she has observed.

When we perceive someone is being fake, it becomes our reality until someone convinces us otherwise. We find ourselves not trusting these people and questioning the validity of what they are saying. They have now lost a lot of equity, if not all of it.

This is why it is so crucial to deliver genuine content to our audience so we do not fall into the fake category. If you are trying to mask the look of vulnerability, those who are truly vulnerable will sniff out the “fake” very quickly.

I want my audience to trust me and know that I have their best interest at heart. Before I post something, I want to make sure I believe everything within the content and would suggest it to myself. I want my audience to see the same person in my media platforms as they do in person.

Through intentions of being genuinely vulnerable, influencers are able to create a trustworthy brand that is authentic.

What do you think?

How do you show up and stay genuinely real for your audience? Do you have tricks for yourself to make sure you are not faking it?


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