My Favorite Personal Brand Phone Apps

How many of you feel overwhelmed with the amount of apps there are for editing personal photos and video?

I definitely felt overwhelmed at one time. Now… not so much.

I consistently only use a handful of the long list of apps on my phone. It’s almost embarrassing to tell you how many I have downloaded and don’t use. Mainly because I don’t want to pay for the subscription after the free trial.

I definitely need to purge my phone apps… all 29 of them! How’s that for being vulnerable?

I will purge my apps… soon.

So, I am interested in hearing from you if you use any of the items I use below, or if you have insight into other apps helping you grow your personal brand… even if they cost money.

If they are worth the money, tell my why!

  1. InShot

I have used InShot for all of my small video “productions” to post on Instagram and LinkedIn. The finished product will not look like a Colin Shelton Production, but it will do for small jobs.

Check out this quick InShot video of a personal brand client some of you may know. 😉

2. Unfold

I LOVE using Unfold for storyboarding! This app provides my Instagram stories a clean style and design which is easy to make consistent. Even though there are small $0.99 payments for design template collections, they are worth the small one time payment for me to have consistency in my brand.

Take a look at this screen recording I took of the app Unfold. I was able to create the storyboard content in this video by using the Unfold app.

I have heard StoryArt also gives great clean designs for storyboarding, but I have not consistently used it to give any recommendation one way or the other.


This is my least used app out of the 5 in this list. I still think it is a valuable app to have in the holster. I recommend downloading and playing with this app to see if you like it and enjoy the format.

4. Screen Record

This is an easy, easy, easy way to show a client a step by step process in your business. I have used this many times to walk a client through downloading their personal brand images and even creating the video you see in #2.

I love how this app is already downloaded on your phone and easy to put in your swipe up screen. To add the feature to your swipe up screen go to your control center found in your settings.

Screen Recording can be placed in your swipe up menu by going to your control center within your settings.

5. Basic iPhone Photo Editing

I enjoy tweaking images in different ways until I reach the desired result. This is a FREE editing feature inside of iPhone. You can simply go to your photo gallery located on your phone, choose a photo, click edit in the top right corner and play until your hearts content.

Basic iPhone editing is easier than you think. Add minor adjustments to provide a polished finished look.
Top: Before Bottom: After Basic iPhone editing is easier than you think. Add minor adjustments to provide a polished finished look.

It’s easier than you think to lessen the stress level in using your phone apps. Which app is your favorite?

Have you used MaxCurve, StoryArt or Studio?

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Disclaimer: I am not endorsed by any of these apps.

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