Be Confident to Attend a Networking Event

Don’t be scared of networking! I know it leaves some of you feeling vulnerable. But remember, baby steps in vulnerability are a good thing.

You’re more than your elevator pitch! It’s time you show your community how amazing you are!!

There are ways you can set yourself up for success! Below are some of the steps I take to prep for a networking event.

1. Research

Before I attend a networking event, I do my homework! I take a look at the list of attendees (if there is one) to familiarize myself with faces and names. I look at what these people do and how I might be able to provide a positive interaction. I also take a look at the venue’s website, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook… any media platform they have. This helps me become familiar with the location and surroundings. This can make it not seem so “new.”

2. Set a Theme/Goal

When I go into networking events, I have a goal or overall theme. I want to try and have at least 3 beneficial conversations. And not only beneficial for me. I want to make the person across from me feel known. I want to genuinely connect with the person shaking my hand and provide a comfortable connection. I want them to feel happy and energized when we finish our conversation. This feeling and interaction associates a connection to my personal brand.

There is no sale or transaction I am trying to solicit. This would not be successful networking or helpful in growing my personal brand. I want it to be genuine, authentic and vulnerable!

3. Follow Up!

I try to always connect with the person I just met through LinkedIn’s Find Nearby feature. If you have not done this before, take a look at the image below for one of the ways you can utilize this amazing feature. Some of you may have a different route in getting to it. But, I promise it is crazy helpful! Thank you Kristin Gallucci for this trick!

LinkedIn provides a Find Nearby feature to make connecting with those around you easier!

Why do I do this?

Other people matter when you are growing your business. You should be focused on the quality of the conversation and not the quantity you are having.

Ask yourself… Are you providing quality for the other people you interact with, or are you just another number? Even if you do not beleive me, we all need quality relationships to help increase the growth of our personal brands!

And let’s face it, our quality of life is going to increase too!! It’s science!

Do you have your own tricks to pump yourself up before a networking event? I’m interested and maybe I can add it to my list for next time. 🙂

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