“Vulnerability is not my thing.”

How many of you can relate to this statement?

It is a typical thing to say to yourself and others. It can be used as a defense mechanism which never ends up benefiting anyone. Not even you!

We have the tendency to guard ourselves so tightly we don’t allow others the benefit of relating and connecting with us. The relationship is not balanced in anyone’s favor if only one person is being vulnerable. Both individuals are being cheated out of something amazing!

Some of us were taught we can win a conversation by being the one who has ‘hand’ in the relationship. Have you ever dared to think both of you would create an even deeper connection when both of you have ‘hand’ in the relationship?

I think this can be done by both people being vulnerable with one another.

I know…

You are probably cringing at the thought of uncovering a secret and trusting another person with important information.

I am not saying you should go out and find the nearest person to divulge your skeletons in the closet. However, I am saying to find a person(s) you can begin building the equity and connection with to reach this area of comfort and trust.

If you are having trouble with this idea and need further resources to confirm what I am saying, feel free to check out Brene Brown. Her content has rocked me and made me realize I have always guarded myself to a point of suffocating my relationships. I have learned from Brene Brown the need to create my Marble Jar Friends.

Yes, I have been burned by being vulnerable. The hurt sucks. It’s painful.

But guess what?

I’m still here. I’m still alive. I’m still hustling.

You can do this. Start small.


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