Worth Avenue of Palm Beach: Westlund Maternity Photography

This family of three is about to be a family of four!! I cannot be any happier for the Brian and Lindsey Westlund! Sweet Eli will be an amazing big brother to baby Oliver.

Worth Avenue, in south Florida provided the perfect back drop for this family maternity session. As we strolled through the beautiful shopping center, we found several places to stop and spend time to enjoy the area.

Starting at the iconic Worth Avenue Clock Tower was a must. The wind was strong but provided a wonderful look.

Westlundblog-2.jpg Westlundblog.jpg
Westlundblog-5.jpg Westlundblog-4.jpg

Little Eli stole the show, which most toddlers do during family photo sessions. 😉

Westlundblog-9.jpgWestlundblog-7.jpg Westlundblog-8.jpgWestlundblog-10.jpg
Westlundblog-11.jpg Westlundblog-12.jpg
Westlundblog-14.jpg Westlundblog-15.jpg

Love listening and capturing how a husband makes his wife laugh by flirting with her. Brian, you are such a sweet hubby!
Westlundblog-16.jpg Westlundblog-17.jpg

We ended our session at a beautiful ivy green wall. Eli giggled and laughed as he watched his daddy pretend to trip.

Westlundblog-23.jpg Westlundblog-24.jpg
Westlundblog-32.jpg Westlundblog-30.jpg

I am so excited to meet baby Oliver!


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